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Uretek Mid-Atlantic Delivers Results You Can See

When the owners of a reputable Optometry Business noticed difficulties opening and closing the front door of the office, coupled with separated brick, they contacted a geotechnical engineer. The geotechnical report indicated 12 feet of poorly compacted soils beneath the entryway of the structure. The worst of the damage created an eyesore for customers and a potential fire hazard, due to the front door not working properly.

The geotechnical engineer referred his client to Uretek Mid-Atlantic. Projected timeline and resultant downtime were the primary concerns for the client since the affected area was right where their costumers entered and exited the building. Fixing the problem meant spending money on the repair and potentially losing business by having to close for the work to be done. Fortunately, the Uretek Deep Injection process is fast and cost effective. Team Uretek was able to drill deep below to surface to pump the High Density Polyurethane Resin into the ground.

The office building was lifted and stabilized in one day. Uretek Mid-Atlantic left this client with results they could see.

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