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Aging Culvert Restoration in Durham, NC

An aging culvert in Durham, North Carolina was in dire need of structural repair, and URETEK MA’s High-Density Polyurethane Resin, and patented Deep Injection process was utilized as the method of stabilization.  The City of Durham estimated the culvert was originally built in the early 1930s, but there are no records from original construction.  The culvert suffered […]

11 Winter Safety Tips to Prevent Cold Stress

In the winter months, the threat of cold stress is especially relevant to workers in the construction field. Prolonged exposure to low temperatures leave workers vulnerable to hypothermia, immersion hypothermia, frostbite, chilblains, and trench foot. These weather related illnesses could lead to brain damage or even death. It’s highly unlikely that the mild temperatures that […]

Seven Questions for Duane Bents, P.E.

Duane Bents, P.E. was recently hired by Uretek Mid-Atlantic as Senior Engineer/Technical Sales Representative for southern North Carolina and South Carolina. In his new role, Bents will function as a liaison between Uretek clients and staff, disseminating information about the company’s services and developing lasting, collaborative relationships. Bents brings nearly 15 years of experience as […]

Why Your Company Should Lunch and Learn

The increasingly fast pace of the business world demands the efficient use of every hour in the work day.  Savvy managers have integrated lunch and learns into their office culture as a clever way to use the time to improve skills and further education among their most valuable asset, their employees. If your office does […]

The Top Five Reasons Why Uretek Loves Terra-Crete

Uretek Mid-Atlantic offers a variety of solutions for a spectrum of geotechnical challenges.  When the situation calls for it, Terra-Crete is Uretek Mid-Atlantic’s top choice for a lightweight engineered fill material. The material is typically used  as grout for slip liners or abandoned pipes, insulation, or as backfill for retaining walls. Terra-Crete is preferred for those specific problems due […]

Micropile Project Underway for Charlotte Area Transit System

Uretek Mid-Atlantic was contracted by the Charlotte Area Transit System (CAT’S) to install micropiles at their maintenance facility to support a new addition to the existing structure. Based off of the geotechnical report, Uretek was able to design a cost-effective alternative to the proposed foundation, saving the owner money in the process. The project is […]

Micropiles: The Who, What, When, Where, and Why

What Are Micropiles? Micropiles are relatively small diameter piles, typically no larger than 12” in diameter. This deep foundation system is drilled, grouted, and reinforced by a central steel core, a steel pipe casing, or a combination of these.  Micropiles are ideal for limited-access job sites, adjacent buildings, barriers, and unstable ground conditions (i.e. sinkholes, mines, […]

North Trade St. Load Test Team Uretek

Load Testing the Uretek Way

Uretek Mid-Atlantic was recently sub-contracted to design and build eleven micropiles for a Mast General Store and Apartment building in Winston-Salem, NC. Originally constructed in the early 1900’s, the structure is currently an empty office building.  The new micropiles will function as deep foundations on the exterior of the building to support a new pedestrian bridge, connecting the building […]