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Employee Spotlight: Calline Kirkman

Calline Kirkman is one of the newest Engineers to join Team UMA. A graduate from NC State University, she has been a part of the team since May of 2016 and is already making her mark.


calline social media 4.3Kirkman, a 24 year-old from Franklinville, NC, says that engineering has always been something she gravitated to.

“I was drawn to the problem –solving nature of Engineering, as well as the design aspect.” Says Kirkman. “I wanted to go into a field that could give me the opportunity to make a difference in the world as we know it. Whether that would be creating something new or making something safer and better.”

Kirkman’s favorite aspect of engineering is the ability to help others; “We are solving problems through the work that UMA is doing; not matter if we are installing a soil nail wall to aid in the construction of a new road, or actually shooting HDPR under the slab of a building to help repair existing damage. I like being a part of that.”

Calline Kirkman has worked on a series of projects with Team UMA. Her favorite so far has been her work on our I-77 project. She helped with the estimating of the project when it was first introduced to UMA, put together work orders for the project, and even spent time out on site running tests of the designs made by UMA.

Kirkman’s main goal for her work at UMA, and in her career, is to acquire her Professional Engineering License in 3 years. Team UMA is excited to see how Calline thrives and grows in this position.

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