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Crushed Stone Subgrade Void Filling

Crushed stone is most often used in road construction, but may also function as backfill material in utility installations, subgrade material to support foundations and slabs in new construction, and railroad track ballast. Considered a Mineral Commodity in the United States, the crushed stone industry is often seen as an indicator of the overall financial health of a nation, due to its strong correlation with the health of the construction industry.

When used as backfill and subgrade, the material is touted for its strength and relative affordability. The key to effectively applying crushed stone as subgrade and backfill lies in the initial installation. When crushed stone is improperly bedded and site conditions are not factored into the installation, the consequences will eventually surface.

Treating the consequences associated with improper use of crushed stone is a frequent need for many municipalities, property managers, and commercial and industrial building owners. See the graphic below for a couple of common situations and how Uretek Mid-Atlantic’s patented structural resin can be applied.




If you need assistance stabilizing crushed stone subgrade, contact Uretek Mid-Atlantic today! 

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