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Employee Spotlight: Calline Kirkman

Calline Kirkman is one of the newest Engineers to join Team UMA. A graduate from NC State University, she has been a part of the team since May of 2016 and is already making her mark.   Kirkman, a 24 year-old from Franklinville, NC, says that engineering has always been something she gravitated to. “I […]

Innovation 2

UMA and Innovation Quarter

Innovation Quarter is the newest hot-spot in Winston Salem. It is a hub where established companies, brand new start-ups, students from Wake Forest University, and more gather to create and innovate. And UMA is proud to have been a part of Innovation Quarter since its beginning!   Since 2013, UMA has completed three foundation up […]

Aging Culvert Restoration in Durham, NC

An aging culvert in Durham, North Carolina was in dire need of structural repair, and URETEK MA’s High-Density Polyurethane Resin, and patented Deep Injection process was utilized as the method of stabilization.  The City of Durham estimated the culvert was originally built in the early 1930s, but there are no records from original construction.  The culvert suffered […]

Ingredients Guarantee Success for Women in Construction: Hard Work, Zeal, and a Dash of Rebellion

Last summer, Uretek Mid-Atlantic hired two women. Of course, they were not the first women to ever appear on the Uretek payroll, but they were the first to labor on the job site. Neither a purposeful decision nor a concerted effort to avoid a lawsuit influenced the decision, but both women were hired because they possessed both the skills and […]

11 Winter Safety Tips to Prevent Cold Stress

In the winter months, the threat of cold stress is especially relevant to workers in the construction field. Prolonged exposure to low temperatures leave workers vulnerable to hypothermia, immersion hypothermia, frostbite, chilblains, and trench foot. These weather related illnesses could lead to brain damage or even death. It’s highly unlikely that the mild temperatures that […]

Seven Questions for Duane Bents, P.E.

Duane Bents, P.E. was recently hired by Uretek Mid-Atlantic as Senior Engineer/Technical Sales Representative for southern North Carolina and South Carolina. In his new role, Bents will function as a liaison between Uretek clients and staff, disseminating information about the company’s services and developing lasting, collaborative relationships. Bents brings nearly 15 years of experience as […]